The Developers

MyFirmMarketing has been developed by Consensus Marketing LLC, a consulting firm with headquarters in Dallas, Texas and backed by over 21 years professional services marketing experience. Since 2004, Consensus Marketing has been providing marketing and business development consulting to small and medium-sized law and accounting firms in many markets across the U.S. 

An increasing trend has been clients and professionals repeatedly asking for advice and tools they could use that would fit their schedule.  Something each individual in the firm or a solo could have access to 24/7, and would be flexible to meet their ever changing needs from week to week, and opportunity to opportunity.  MyFirmMarketing was developed to provide just that.  And to bring ease and success to law firm marketing and accounting firm marketing.

Deborah Todd
CEO, Consensus Marketing LLC

Ms. Todd has over 25 years experience in building and implementing strategic marketing and business development programs and initiatives for services industries. Prior to starting Consensus Marketing, she served as head of law firm marketing  over a 13 year span for Balch & Bingham, Baker Donelson Bearman & Caldwell, and Gardere Wynne Sewell, building and managing high-level, results-oriented marketing and business development programs.

Before entering law firm marketing she was the Consumer Loan Product Manager and head of marketing for the National Lending Division of BBVA Compass. She was selected for Compass Bank's Management Training Program and was awarded and completed a marketing internship with General Electric's Mobile Communications Headquarters. She received her MBA from the University of Memphis in 2000 and a B.A. in Psychology with a Minor in Econ-Business in 1987 from Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Professional Services Firm Marketing Background
An early stage innovator in marketing services and products for the legal and accounting industries, she has been responsible for the creation and development of several first to market concepts and products that make marketing success and marketing management easier and more streamlined, allowing lawyers and accountants to reap more marketing success.  In addition, her focus has been capturing the unique brand and positioning opportunities for firms, allowing them to stand out in key markets and industries.  Here are a few highlights during her tenure as head of marketing for three major firms:

     -  Achieved annual 7% increase in new clients
     -  30% annual increase in proposals for new business
     -  Developed several "first ever" brand strategies and law firm marketing regional campaigns for several firms
     -  Created one of the first automated proposal / web systems for the attorney marketing in 1997
     -  Launched and managed tech and telecom attorney marketing initiatives
     -  64% increase in premium PR hits over a 2 year period
     -  Secured major national law firm writing awards
     -  Launched / managed rollout of media and promotions surrounding two major mergers
     -  Reengineered the law firm marketing functions, processes, systems and materials in each firm
     -  Instituted extensive data collection for firm, practice area / service lines and attorney marketing
     -  Coordinated law firm marketing planning, key client analyses, client retention surveys and market research
     -  Instituted client team and prospect team programs and processes, along with attorney marketing cross-selling programs
     -  Instituted extensive attorney marketing training and business development programs

Consulting Highlights
Since 2004, the core focus has been work with small and medium-sized law firm marketing and accounting firm marketing efforts.  Here are a few highlights:

     -  Implementing data collection on firm successes and expertise
     -  Firm marketing and service line planning
     -  Client retention, survey and interview programs
     -  Client loyalty initiatives
     -  Reengineering practices for professionals during tough economic times
     -  Implementing polished materials
     -  Launching 100, 50 and 25 year anniversary and branding programs
     -  Industry-specific branding initiatives
     -  State of the art referral programs
     -  Initiated joint marketing efforts for firms and their top referral sources
     -  Training programs with homework and practice assignments

In 2011, officially launched MyFirmMarketing, the first do-it-yourself, affordable and constantly updated marketing resource for professionals.

In 2013, launched the first marketing app for attorney marketing and accountant marketing, MyFirmMarketing - marketing on the go for professionals - available on The App Store and Google Play.


What people are saying:

Brilliant marketing advice for professionals.”
Peter Vogel, JD
Gardere         Dallas, Texas

“Exceptional leadership in translating strategic vision into action.”

Zack Perry
Memphis, Tennessee

“Providing insightful and strategic marketing advice and direction through many market challenges.”

Jonathan Spigel, JD
Cowles & Thompson          Dallas, Texas

“Very insightful, with the ability to implement practical programs.”

Susan Raridon Lambreth
Nashville, Tennessee

"Deborah's years of experience in marketing help to provide you with new marketing strategies and public relations ideas. The result is the confidence you gain in having your business being in the forefront of your advertising audience.“

Paul Pedlar, CPA            Sonoma, CA

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Deborah, her direction and guidance were instrumental in landing a large client. I went into the meeting prepared and ready and could not have been more pleased.”

Shannon Keuer, CPA, Principal
Fox, Byrd & Company         Dallas, Texas

"Consensus Marketing brings high-level marketing expertise and makes it so affordable for small to medium-sized firms. With the extensive knowledge of professional service firms, they are able to move quickly and affordably, providing flexible solutions for firms so they may be more successful in their marketing efforts."
Steve Wyatt, JD
Sydney Cook & Associates         Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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Success with law firm marketing and accounting firm marketing.