Marketing that works.



What if we never formalized marketing or business development in our firm? That's one of the benefits. MyFirmMarketing will take you step-by-step through deciding what you need to do and when. Some components are geared for beginning a program and others for when you are well underway.

We had a marketing effort at one time but we lost focus. How will the MyFirmMarketing program help us?
Using the marketing audit that comes with MyFirmMarketing, you can do a quick overview of the components you have in place, and then use the resources to help you decide what can be revitalized and tweaked and what you want to add that is new. Tackle those areas using the advice, tools, examples and downloads. You pick how much to do and when.

What if we are a boutique or solo?
MyFirmMarketing is perfect for attorney and accountant solos and boutiques. It actually gives solos an advantage so you can implement all of the same marketing components of larger firms. For boutiques and firms with a very specific focus, there are specific strategies and tactics just for them.

There seems to be so much marketing advice floating around for law firm marketing and accounting firm marketing. How do firms know what to do?
Helping firms sift through all of the "advice" out there is a key aspect of MyFirmMarketing and a core passion that led to its development. Most firms get started on a marketing effort and then constantly stop and reevaluate it based on the latest and greatest information floating around. They never really move forward, achieving traction, and seeing great results. This gives you everything you need and how to stay focused. No more stops and starts or wasted marketing dollars.

Why is this program so affordable for all that we are getting? We designed this program to make it accessible and affordable so that your remaining marketing dollars can then be freed up for your business development lunches, sponsorships, or branding you need to do and on materials, etc. The purpose is to put all of the attorney marketing and accountant marketing tools in your hands so you can spend your marketing dollars on so much more, giving you that high level marketing program much more cost-effectively.

We currently have an admin person overseeing marketing. How will this help us?
Most marketing coordinators or managers have a good base of marketing knowledge. But they often do not have the background or expertise in every area. This helps them organize your marketing efforts, add missing components and provides tools for areas in which they do not have as much expertise. This will help strengthen your current staff / program.

What makes this different from the marketing advice I read in newsletters, emails, or hear at various seminars?
Unlike the advice you describe, which addresses isolated issues, this is a comprehensive solution. To have a successful lawyer marketing or accountant marketing and business development program and achieve growth, you need to tackle several pieces of the puzzle at one time. This gives you all of the tools to do that. Without having to hire an agency, consultant or expensive marketing director or manager.

We are currently doing marketing and trying to bring in business. Should we consider MyFirmMarketing as well?
Definitely. Most firms have a few sections of a program already running. This will help you enhance the sections of your current marketing program and give you additional components to add to your marketing as you see fit. All of it at your disposal, when you need it, with all instructions, tips, forms and examples.